Pressure Seal Mail Systems

If you want to produce one piece mailing documents easily and efficiently, there is simply no better solution than Pressure Seal.  One of the main benefits to this technology is that it provides a tamper proof, secure means of communication, whilst giving you an economical alternative to envelope based mailing. It’s that simple! Secure, cost effective and for many businesses, a vital print choice.

It is widely used in a cross-section of market sectors including; Manufacturing, Service and Construction, Financial and Banking, Hospitality and Catering, Local Government, Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Telecoms etc), Insurance, Charity and Not-for-Profit, Healthcare and many more! Its applications are equally extensive and cover; Payroll and Pensions, Invoices and Statements, Appointments and Reminders, Invitations, PIN Mailers, Cheques, Promotional Mailings etc.

Our Pressure Seal clients include many public sector organisations alongside some of the most recognised private sector businesses in Northern Ireland. Together with businesses like Hendersons, Equiniti (ICS), Graham Construction, Moy Park, PWC and UTV, we have proven our reliability and high standards time and time again.


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