Direct Mail

Everyone knows that Direct Mail Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s business world.  Despite all the exciting developments in technology, Direct Mail has stayed alive and kicking in some form in every businesses marketing mix.  There are many reasons it had stood the test of time, but the most important are obvious; few other marketing tools can deliver your message with exact precision at such low cost and even fewer enable you to track your return on marketing investment.

At Pierce Printellect we have a huge number of tools for use in maximising your return on investment through Direct Mail marketing, this includes an integrated approach with email marketing and personalised websites.

Our services include: direct marketing strategy, campaign concept development, creative design, copywriting, data acquisition, print production management, variable data printing, envelope insertion, polywrapping and post campaign reporting.

Don’t believe us?

Well just don’t take our word for it! We’ve 100’s of success stories waiting to be told and just one of these examples is Open + Direct. As one of the largest consumer insurance brokers in Northern Ireland they take their direct mail very seriously and have entrusted us to do the honours. On a monthly basis we have sent out as many as 22 sorts of mailings on their behalf. Retention letters, cross selling either house insurance, car insurance, motorbike insurance, reminder letters, thank you letters, offer letters. All of which was targeted and measurable by their marketing department. A huge direct mail success and just one of many which we are proud to have lead.