Our People

As devoted Print People, our team is a colourful mixture of zest, knowledge & passion.

Angie Brown leads the print team as the Print Director and has over 25 years experience in both design and print. Driven by her commitment to customer service and her love for paper and ink (both of which she is unashamedly obsessive about), she’s a stickler for precision and accepts nothing less than print perfection.

Peter Bustard began his Pierce journey back in 1989 and has remained at the forefront of customer engagement ever since. Peter’s passion for client relationship is grounded in the idea of team work, (which stems back to his love of sport!)  He believes that superb team work creates wins both on and off the field and this is the ambition which he brings to work every day.

Barry Browne arrived at the Pierce warehouse over 16 years ago and in a few years Barry found himself so motivated by his passion for print; he moved forward to become the Strategic Procurement Manager. Barry’s sharp eye and uncompromising work ethic (also seen in his long standing love for bowls!) has created a knowledge and understanding of print quality and quantity that is simply expert.

Joanne Wallace has been with the Pierce family for 12 years and is a print, direct mail and point of sale know it all. Joanne admits to being fiercely dedicated to maintaining excellent standards (before her career as a print expert, Joanne was a trained aerobics instructor). Her energy, discipline and commitment carries on throughout all she does here at Pierce Printellect.